Guru Meditation after fresh install when accessing playback

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Guru Meditation after fresh install when accessing playback

Postby Cilahn » 18 Feb 2023, 23:33


i'm new to rune and just installed the 0.3 release on my pi B+. I can access the gui and use the menu to access the settings, network, debug, credits. Sadly when i try to access the playback, library or playlist menu i get a guru meditaion error:

Software Failure. Press left mouse button to continue.
Guru Meditation #0000022.65045032

This could have happened because of one of the following reasons:

The url you are trying to access does not exist.

System is taking too long to process your request.

My library is mounted via nfs and is currently updating. Am i doing wrong or is this a bug?



-----debug info -----

###### System info ######
Linux version 3.12.26-1-ARCH (nobody@root-armv6-copy) (gcc version 4.8.2 20131219 (prerelease) (GCC) ) #1 PREEMPT Fri Aug 8 17:40:14 MDT 2014

system time: Sat Feb 18 23:19:31 CET 2023

system load: 0.17 0.17 0.44 3/88 8290

HW platform: RaspberryPi (01)

playerID: 01ce22edff80022f9116a029273a35ec69
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