Cubox vs. Readwise Reader

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Cubox vs. Readwise Reader

Postby NeerMohan » 14 Jun 2024, 05:45

As a long-time Readwise Reader user, I recently came onto and wonder if it could be a fierce rival to the once revolutionary read-it-later software. Cubox appears to take artificial intelligence integration seriously and has a lovely design. Although Readwise debuted an amazing Reader app in beta in the end of 2022, it appears that their development—especially in AI—has halted since then.

Conversely, Cubox has been present since 2012. Though it has been around for a long time, it seems to lack an active community when compared to Readwise; neither Discord nor its own subreddit exists.

Has anyone else sampled Cubox? Has anyone converted from Readwise Reader to Cubox? < Especially because Cubox provides one-way connectivity with Readwise, do you see them as rivals or as complimentary tools?
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