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Postby dannyrune » 22 May 2018, 17:53

Please forgive me, I believe this has been answered over and over again. The problem is that I can't find a step by step tutorial. It seems to be spread out between many posts. I have been trying to follow multiple posts over multiple threads, but not having success with getting the power button working. I did have an on off button working following this guide when I was using retropie; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4nTuzIY0i3k&t=402s. Can anyone create a step by step tutorial on how to get an on off button with RuneAudio?

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Re: on off button

Postby rudy trubitt » 12 Jun 2018, 15:40

I am interested in this as well. I just built up my first system a few days ago and initially connected the Raspberry and USB hub power supplies to a switched outlet on the back of my receiver. But I am thinking this might be risky because if another user simply turns off the receiver, Rune might be in the middle of a write-operation.

As I am searching other threads on this topic, I see this from Frank:

>You should call "/svr/http/command/rune_shutdown poweroff" before this to stop mpd and unmount your shares.

Seems like I should revise my switched power outlet scheme and ensure an orderly shutdown.
rudy trubitt
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