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Re: NAS network mount

Postby Nononono » 20 Oct 2016, 21:49

I have not tried cifs yet, but runeaudio does not find anything in a test folder with only one .mp3 file.
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Re: NAS network mount

Postby Nononono » 01 Nov 2016, 15:07

Do anyone have something else i could try? I was really looking forward to using runeaudio for playing sacd iso files.
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Re: NAS network mount

Postby surfninja » 01 Nov 2016, 16:32

did you try mounting your NAS on a pc (not rune audio)? At least you can narrow down the problem.

I'm using cifs not NFS from a linux box for file sharing. I've turned off anonymous access (I enter a username/passwd when I mount the fs) and haven't had a problem.

I'd probably try to mount the drive from one of my linux boxes and Windows to make sure I have the path and permissions correct.

If you mount is connected to a linux box, you could make file music files wide open (chmod 777 *) to help with permissions.
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Re: NAS network mount

Postby Nononono » 04 Nov 2016, 21:57

I will try to make it work with username and password access. I already have a Linux based player (bluesound) and various computers and ITT devices working with the NAS, so I'm fairly confident that the problem lies at the other end.
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Re: NAS network mount

Postby Nononono » 06 Nov 2016, 22:03

Cifs worked perfectly! Indexed in a minute.

Thank you!
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Re: NAS network mount

Postby audiopip » 22 Feb 2017, 03:12

Thank you all for this thread, I too had been around this loop several times, but what stopped it working was a silly. In the Synology UI, the references to disk volume are written Volume 1, which being aware of the need for correctness in the path I copied slavishly. And of course it should be volume1. As it happens to make matters worse it does not care about the space (which I noticed early on) but it does care about the capital V (which I didn't).
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Re: NAS network mount

Postby johnaco » 12 Jan 2018, 22:58

Hello folks,
I'm very excited to get this running to connect to my new smsl M8A - which already sounds amazing out of my pc.
I am struggling with connecting my RasPi3(b) to my Synology DSM415+.
I have read all the threads related to this and tried MANY of the combinations suggested, but to no avail.
I do have foobar2k and audirvana accessing the NAS without issues.

as ACX suggested:
ls /mnt/MPD/NAS/
does not output anything.

I've set Squash to 'Map all users to admin'
I've changed the daemon user group to root:root and mount flags to nfsvers=3,rw
I've deleted and created the mount multiple times and never been able to get past the red X

I've attached a couple of screenshots to show my config.

Any help really appreciated.
NAS config
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Rune source
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Re: NAS network mount

Postby hondagx35 » 13 Jan 2018, 01:15


please read this

- try "volume1/music" as Remote directory
- try "Hostname or IP" = *
- try "Hostname or IP" = IP from your PI

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Re: NAS network mount

Postby johnaco » 15 Jan 2018, 04:42

Thank your Frank for your reply.
I have followed your suggestions and literally tried all the permutations of these values (see below)
The error I cannot get through now is:
mount.nfs: access denied by server while mounting

There is nothing special about my NAS setup:
Noting on the advanced options, admin has r/w on permissions, nothing on advanced permissions. NFS permissions has runeaudio as host (* times out), r/w, squash = all users to admin, security=sys, enable async, non-priviledged ports, mount sub-folders.

I can ssh into RPi and into NAS. Ping is disabled, but I can ssh RPi <-> NAS. Unfortunately my tech chops are limited, specially networking/mounts.

Can anyone provide me with some hints????
Thank you.

These are the combinations I tried (I've been working on this 3 nights already :( )

Protocol: NFS
Remote Directory:
Mount Flags:

MPD Config
Daemeon user:group:

Hostname or IP*:
<RPi IP>
Privilege: read/write
no mapping
Map all users to admin
security: sys
allow async/non-privileged ports/sub-folders all checked

Depending on the combination, I either get NFS mount time out or permission denied.
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