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Re: Listening Hardware

Postby HITMAnsOFT » 18 Apr 2017, 16:15

graceinc wrote:
How much do the speakers got you spending BTW?

Got them for around $50 a pair, good working condition! Gonna change the grill cloth because of a couple of holes.
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Re: Listening Hardware

Postby graceinc » 27 Apr 2017, 11:45

That is quite cheap in my opinion. Grill cloth is the one that starts to wear of pretty soon.
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Re: Listening Hardware

Postby SeanWu » 01 Jun 2017, 04:19

Speakers: Diatone PM-610MB (Cabin made by local shop in Taiwan)
Speaker cable: Belden 8471 with banana plug
Pre-Amplifier: DIY DCG3 Pre/Headphone amp (Group buy from diyAudio / Design by SALAS)
Power-Amplifier: MAINLY TT25 (Special Edition from VTL)
Interconnect cable: DIY cable with Mogami 2549 and AECO silver plug.
Headphone: SONY MDR-CD900ST
Playe (Now): RPI 3B + Allo BOSS DAC / Runeaudio 0.4 Beta
Playe (Was): RPI 3B + PiFi Digi+ / Schiit Modi2 Uber connect via Coax cable / Runeaudio 0.4 Beta
NAS: HD connect via Apple AirPort Extreme
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Re: Listening Hardware

Postby s.k. » 12 Jun 2017, 18:49

My current setup:

NAS: PogoNAS (modified POGOPLUG E02)
Network Music Player: RuneAudio 0.4 on a RPI2 with HifiBerrt Digi+ Pro and LCD Display, IR remote,
powered by a linear power supply with an ATXRaspi.
Digital Interconnect cable: BLUE JEANS cables Belden 1694A
Pre-Amplifier: Lyngdorf Audio DPA-1
Analog Interconnect cable: Vandenhul 102 mkiii
Power-Amplifier: B&W mpa1 – Monoblock
Speaker cable: Mogami 3104 with locking banana plugs
Speakers: Vandersteen 2Ci
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Re: Listening Hardware

Postby graceinc » 22 Jun 2017, 12:11

s.k. wrote:My current setup:

Speakers: Vandersteen 2Ci

Any more detail on the speakers. Need to get one.
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Re: Listening Hardware

Postby Snikkelbob » 26 Jan 2018, 22:37

(sorry for my bad english)
Hello everybody
we love music and we (my wife and me) had an huge collection buyed FLAC and highres alac files

I have an R Pi2 b and use an Creative SoundblasterX G5 USB highres DAC with integraded headphone amplifier on the USB port. it works fine! (Rune reconized the G5 out of the box)

But today i have ordered an PiFi DAC+ (hifiberry clone) for the Pi2. i think thats better for highres audio files because it`s not USB.
The hifi setup i use is an yamaha AX 497 stereo amplifier (2010) without any digital connection, but the golden "cd/dvd" rca connectors says enough :P
The speakers are: setting A: JBL-LX2 2way(1996) and setting B: B&W DM302 (1995) 2way.

I was collecting (saving) money for an "yamaha network streamer" until i re-discover the Rpi2 :mrgreen:

I hope that the PiFi DAC+ don`t disappoint me and my wife ;)
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Re: Listening Hardware

Postby surfninja » 29 Jan 2019, 05:52

my stuff is more vintage and changes all the time.

current set up:

mcintosh pre
hafler power
magnepan magneplanar speakers
rp v0.4, pifi i2c dac hat
thorens tt
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Re: Listening Hardware

Postby LeighP » 16 Feb 2019, 23:38

My hifi system, compared to some featured, seems very mediocre by comparison: Denon RCD-M35DAB amplifier and Denon ported speakers. In my 10ft x 12ft lounge, it's perfect for me :D
Home: Custom cased Rpi3 running RuneAudio 0.41Tb storage with 2 line LCD display!
HifiBerry+ DAC.
Denon RCDM350DAB Hifi.

Kitchen: Pi Zero W with RuneAudio 0.5.
pHAT DAC and 64Gb Sandisk USB Stick + adaptor.
Sony HiFi.
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