Cannnot Load HiFiBerry DAC Plus Pro XLR Module

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Re: Cannnot Load HiFiBerry DAC Plus Pro XLR Module

Postby foxint » 08 Jan 2019, 23:05

Finally got it to reboot.

Still there is a RED cross on the network location of the music.

Yes I have music, but just never listened to it on the Pi - only the radio and nothing on the DAC Plus XLR Pro
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Re: Cannnot Load HiFiBerry DAC Plus Pro XLR Module

Postby janui » 09 Jan 2019, 12:58

Hi foxint,
Can you look at your Debug UI again and confirm that you can see this text:
Build version: janui-20180903-7
It's the 7 that is important.
Can you also confirm that you have followed the instructions here: runeaudio-0-5-beta-for-all-raspberry-pi-models-t6532-310.html#p26802
Can you then copy one or two music files to a usb memory stick and use this for testing. Plug in the usb memory stick and confirm that:
    your test music is visible in the library tab – it takes a little while before it appears
    you can play this music and it is show as playing in the main player UI
If it is working and you can hear it, great.
Otherwise: Can you explain how you have connected the XLR output connectors on your HiFiBerry DAC to your amplifier?
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